Your Contract

Term length

Your initial agreement lasts 2 years. To give you flexibility, you have the option to renew every 2 years for up to 25 years, keeping your 10% discount each time.

If You Cancel Your Agreement

The #1 reason people need to leave their local solar farm is if they move.

  • If you move within Central Hudson’s service territory, you can bring the service with you to your new property. We’ll make any adjustments necessary for your new usage.
  • If you move outside of Central Hudson’s service area, your service will end when you move. Just give us 90 days’ notice and we’ll find a replacement.
  • If the program works as described and you choose to cancel your savings for another reason, there will be a $200 reassignment fee so we can fill your spot in the solar farm. If you find your own replacement, you’ll avoid the fee altogether. To this day, we’ve never had to charge anyone a reassignment fee.